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BATHROOM REMODELING with stone tile:

Sometimes mold is present in the shower and blamed on
the stone tile that was used for the installation.

Mold in a shower stall is not normal. It is evidence of a
poorly built shower due to a variety of reasons such as
ventilation problems, the wrong tile backer board and or
setting mortars (thin set or glue) not specified for the
installation or improperly installed
shower base and pan
liners or a combination of several of these.

This is a problem that would not be limited to just natural
stone tiles but any shower installation (no matter what type
of tile installed) would face the same problematic issues.

Discoloration in stone tile can be prevented by using mortar
specifically designed for the installation and tile it is
designed to be installed with.

For instance using a gray poly-modified thin set with a white
marble or translucent onyx will cause discoloration in wet
areas such as a shower floor. Improperly installed
shower pans will discolor stone tiles and in some cases
actually push up the grout and loosen tiles because of the
hydrostatic pressure due to the inadequate drainage.

Again these are problems not isolated to natural stone tiles
and in combination with the above can reap havoc in your
shower and shower
floor no matter what type of tile is

As for sealing natural stone tiles professional tile installers
also have the experience with the many sealants that are
A stone impregnator application with an enhancer will last
for quite some time thereby reducing the need to seal every
6 months. This helps with maintenance issues that should
be followed no matter what type of tile is installed.

Usually you will be able to tell when to reseal your shower by
taking note of the surface of the tiles. Water beading on the
surface let’s you know there is no need to reseal. Water
absorption and it’s time to seal again.

You’ll be surprised how infrequently you’ll need to seal as
long as the application was done with the specified sealer
for the job.
Are natural stone tiles safe in shower installations?  Most
Bathroom Remodel with natural stone tiles and glass Parker Colorado
Parker Shower with tumbled marble tile and granite bench
River rock shower pan and wall along with marble subway tile Parker,CO
Shower tile installation subway tile and river rock Parker,Colorado
Parker CO Soaking tub with marble tile
Granite vanity with marble tile backsplash and glass tile Parker CO
NATURAL STONE TILESsafe for shower
There has been the occasional client who has been
concerned with the use of natural stone tile for their shower
The question of whether it is safe to install natural stone
tiles in one’s shower is always answered in the affirmative.
Yes it’s safe.

For years prior to the popularity of stone tile used in today’s
kitchen and
bathroom remodeling projects the affluent
always used natural stone tiles in their home designs of
marble and granite for their elaborate and luxurious decor.

While these beautiful stone expressions were being
installed in these residences by their kitchen
designers the rest of the nation was installing ceramic tile.
Times have changed and stone tile is available to everyone.

Fast forward to today’s market and 70% of the tile
installations that we install are natural stone with the
remaining 30% being split between glass tile,
ceramic tile and ever increasingly imported Italian porcelain

So why the concern for some homeowners about natural
stone being installed in the shower stall?  Perhaps bad
experiences with prior
tile installations or horror stories from
neighbors and friends. Stories of mold and tile discoloration
even of tiles popping off the walls.

There is also the urban myth that
stone tile requires a lot of
maintenance and repeated sealing.
Parker Shower Pan Installation in River Rock and marble tile
This shower pan tile is a tumble marble sheet tile that is
made to look like river rock.

The tile was set over a cement poured shower pan. The liner
is by Oatey. The shower drain frame is by EBBE.

All the tile is natural stone for the shower and wainscot and is
sealed with a stone impregnator prior to grout.
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