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LaFayette/Louisville, Colorado

Many of the bathroom remodel projects that we work on
involve the replacement of the old bath tub and
converting the tub space to a walk in shower.

Other shower projects include expanding the existing
shower stall where possible.
We were able to expand the shower you see in the right
by taking space form a bathroom closet that was on the
other side of the back wall of the shower.

This is one option to think about as you remodel your
shower by stealing space from an adjoining closet or
room when adding on is not an option.

This was a small
bathroom remodeling job and the
shower was tight however we were able to build a
shower bench and expand the shower for a little more
elbow room.
Marble shower tile and travertine shower pan Louisville,Colorado
Old ceramic tile shower stall with plastic shower pan Lafayette,CO
SHOWER BENCH BUILT inside all of
our shower pans when installing vinyl or
shower pan liners such as Oatey
and Noble.

The old shower is enlarged by taking space from a
closet. You can see where the old closet door was.
(pictured to the right) We framed the door to allow
a recessed shampoo shelf that we will put in later.

A cement pre-slope shower base toward the
shower drain is put in before the shower pan liner
is installed.
Once that is done and the tile backer board is
installed and we can start on the shower seat and
float the shower pan floor and top of the shower
bench with cement.
Once the cement is dry we can finish the shower bench Louisville,CO
Shower seat is built inside of the shower pan Lafayette,Colorado
Removed closet behind shower to add space for the shower Louisville,Colorado

The top of the shower bench is sloped at about 1/4
inch per/ft toward the front side of the bench.

This way there is no standing water any where in
the shower. This is only one installation method for
shower pans. With this particular shower there are
no vulnerable spots for the water to escape the

shower pan repairs and replacements can
be avoided if the builder or remodeler would build
their shower benches to be waterproof.
Shower bench with cement and tile backer board Louisville,CO
View of shower floor before tiling Lafayette,Colorado
View after shower pan and tile installation Louisville,Colorado

A look back into the shower remodel
reveals the same tile used for the
shower pan floor on the ceiling.

This design choice works by
reflecting the
tile installation pattern
from the shower ceiling back to the
shower floor and vice versa.

The celing gives the appearance of
a mirror image. There are several
ways to finish a shower ceiling this
is just one example.There are times
when the shower ceiling does not
get any tile at all.
Bathroom remodeling in natural stone tile LaFayette,Colorado
Louisville bathroom remodel with vanity and granite top
Bathroom remodel tile installation in Marble,Travertine and Porcelain tile LaFayette,CO
The marble tile wraps around
the shower door leading out to
more tile wainscot which is
capped by a 3x12 marble chair
rail for the finish detail.

Stepping out of the shower. The bathroom
remodel included this marble and travertine
wainscot with porcelain
floor tile set on diagonal.

The bathroom floor also has underfloor heat that
we will highlight very soon. All of the electrical
work that we offer our clients are performed by
Colorado licensed electricians.

Due to budget cost we recycled the bathroom
mirror standing it vertically and tiling the edges
with the same 3x12  marble chair rails that the
tile installer used for the tiled wainscot.

The picture frame effect for the mirror gives the
feeling of a very high end custom finish.

When it comes to
remodeling your bathroom
use what you like, plan ahead, order and select
your bathroom fixtures and accessories
including tile early in the process.
LaFayette Bathroom Remodel with marble, travertine and porcelain floor tile
Marble tile wainscot with travertine liner Louisville,Colorado
Porcelain floor tile in diagonal pattern LaFayette,CO
This vanity is elegance. To save we recycled the pre-existing mirror set it vertically and picture framed the mirror in Louisville,CO
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